TamarFM 95.3

Volunteering at Your Local Community Radio Station - Tamar FM 95.3 Inc.

Are you interested in serving the community as a volunteer? Would you like to work with a small friendly team and take on any station task that interests you? Are you looking for flexible management and flexible hours in your volunteer role? Do you like to get on with people and try new things in a relaxed but productive environment? Are you looking for office or team experience to help with your job search? If any of this applies to you, please consider volunteering with Tamar FM.

Membership and volunteering opportunities available at Tamar FM

Tamar FM Inc welcomes members of the community who wish to become members of the association. There are many ways for members to become involved with Tamar FM. A qualified member may nominate to become a member of the Board or help in fund raising activities. A member can also apply to the Station Manager to become a volunteer at the Station and join in a range of interesting activities as detailed below.

  1. Board Membership.
    TamarFM is run by an elected board comprising the President, Secretary, Treasurer and other members. The Board sets the direction for the radio station, monitors overall progress, handles membership and fundraising (including the Tamar FM monthly market) and develops overall policies and procedures. Board members are not necessarily station "volunteers", although most, and frequently all, are station volunteers. Tamar FM Board Nomination Form

  2. Tamar FM Market
    The monthly market, held on the second Saturday of each month from 8 a.m.- 1 p.m. provides substatial financial support for the station. Members help by running the BBQ and helping put away tables and clean-up at the end. Members do not need to be approved station volunteers to help at the Market. Any help, whether for 1 hour or 5, is greatly appreciated.
  3. Station Manager
    The Station Manager reports to the Board and is the operations manager for the station. All matters relating to the day-to-day operation of the station are handled by the manager. This includes: selection of volunteers, staff training and support, program management, equipment maintenance, organising sponsoship ads and Community Service Announcements, working with outside organisations such as those involved with licensing and support for community broadcasting.

  4. Station volunteers are members who wish to volunteer at the station. Applicants apply to the Station Manager, and if approved, further approval is sought from the Board. Volunteers may be involved in any of the following activities, depending on their interests:
    • Clerical work: reception, responding to emails, preparing community service announcements and more.
    • Production: preparing pre-recorded shows for their own shows or for others.
    • Announcing
    • On-air interviewing
    • Station maintenance: cleaning, shopping for supplies, euipment maintenance etc
    • Outside broadcasting
    • Team meetings: for training, sharing ideas, supporting each other